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Our expertise*.

Below we list the areas of law in which we have rich experience and broad knowledge. Hardly does it mean that our knowledge is limited to those fields only. Completing the legal advisor training and passing the final exam are guarantees of the legal advisor’s skills required to properly perform the legal profession, including the ability to handle various civil, administrative, labor and tax law cases. Nonetheless, account being taken of how complicated and complex the today's legal system is, we are of the opinion that it is next to impossible to be an expert in every field of law. As the old saying goes "Jack of all trades is a master of none".

* - this is where we REALLY rock.

commercial law and companies law

Our experience in the field covers, but is not limited to, drafting commercial contracts and terms of services, helping to establish and register different kinds of companies, providing day-to-day corporate legal services, representing clients in commercial cases before courts and in administrative proceedings, liquidation and insolvency proceedings.

intellectual property law

We are especially fond of issues regarding copyright law and industrial property law. Our experience in the field covers, among other things, drafting agreements used in transactions involving copyrights, preparing legal opinions relating to copyright infringements, trademarks, personality rights and personal data protection.

it and new technologies

The first and foremost role of the law of new technologies is regulation of the legal aspects of using electronic channels of communication and content distribution, like Internet. It includes cases of infringement of the intellectual property on the Internet (including liability of hosting providers), issues involved in concluding agreements via electronic means of communication (e.g. regulation and terms of services of online stores and services), unfair trading practices on the Internet (among others e-mail spam and cybersquatting – registering, trafficking in, or using a domain name with bad faith intent to profit from the goodwill of a trademark belonging to someone else), illegal usage of personal data on the Internet.

real estate law

We have experience dealing with a variety of issues regarding real estate: purchase and sale of property, lease and tenancy agreements, disputes over utility servitude, to name but a few.

public procurement law

Our experience in the area covers, but is not limited to, advice in all the stages of public procurement proceedings, including assistance in clarifying terms of reference, drawing up legal remedies.